3 Gmail Add-Ons That You Always Dreamed About

“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”
- Tony Robbins

Some Scary 🙀 Data

Carleton University research points out that on average we spend 1/3 of our work day reading emails! That’s about 3 hours a day.

What if we could manage emails better, so we could spend 1.5 hour instead of 3 hours ?

It means that we will have 30 more hours a month that we can focus on work or anything else and the best part is — we don’t have to do much for this, just setting up some email tools! How cool is that ?

Without further a due, here are my top 3 Gmail tools & hacks that will save you lots of time!

Boomerang Gmail Add-on — Schedule Your Emails

I use Boomerang all the time! It allows me to batch send emails to my friends, colleagues and contractors in different time zones.

My workflow with Boomerang is a follows:
I check my email once a day (usually at 3 pm because by then, all the important emails are waiting for me) . I then reply to the emails, scheduling them with Boomerang to be sent either after working hours, or in the morning next day, thus I don’t have to check my email until 3 pm next day, and also since reply window is longer, people who email me usually put more information upfront. Check it out — its FREE and will save you time!

The other cool add-on that I also use with similar functionality is Banantag.

Rapportive — See all the info about Sender in Gmail

Does it happen to you, when somebody sends you an email and you cannot remember who is it, you go to Linkedin/Facebook and start searching…. ?

Well, there is a plugin for Chrome I use, called Rapportive, it shows you all the information about the sender from different social media in your gmail based on her email address. It also allows you to connect with them not leaving your Gmail as well. This saves me lots of time!

Gmail Email Filters — How to setup

If I had to pick 1 thing that literally saves me at least 1 hour per day — it would be Gmail Filters. Many know about them, not many use them.

This Article is a good starting point how to use filters better.

I have couple of rules in regards to filters. Thanks to those rules most of the days I have maximum 5 unread messages in my mailbox (I check my mailxob once in 24 hours).

Here are my rules:

1. If I can unsubscribe from newsletter, I do that, before I apply Delete/Archivefilter
2. If something is not urgent — I use “Mark as Read” filter. (e.g emails from Facebook/Twitter/Upwork etc)
3. If something needs to be delegated to someone else — I use filter Skip Inbox + Forward.
4. I use auto-responder that auto-replies to everyone who sends me an email letting them know when I will get back to them. This is needed to cut follow-up emails.

Want to see my auto-responder in action?

Send “testing autoresponder” to spektor.anatoly@gmail.com.

You are welcome to use it!

These rules alone save me 30 hours per month, in combination with the tools above, I can safely say that I save myself about 40 hours a month.

You are welcome :)

How to get more cool info like this ?

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I would be stocked if you join my mailing list. It is once a week email on Thursdays. I write it and select all the topics myself. It is totally free and I do it because I just love to share!

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